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Don't pay attention to the Sourceforge statistic, the download and the cvs statistic are broken for several months now, there still is activity on this project !

What is Webman ?

Webman is a professional content management or website production system. It was used in more than forty big websites in germany. (look at the history section)

Project info

This project is supported by the Meducase Project of the Charite.

Technical facts

Webman is completly written in java and supports three relational databases:
Oracle, Sybase and PostGreSQL.
Have a look at the product info page for more information.


Sourceforge Project Page

Visit the Sourceforge Project Page

Current status

- Struts migration finished
- now using Castor as ORB tool, Testing in progress

Whitepaper released

An english whitepaper has been released. Hava a look at the product info page...

Installer released

A graphical installer has been released. Hava a look at the download page...


last modified 15/01/2004