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Webman started in 1998 as an inhouse tool for the company Team-Konzept. Several big sites in germany, the most prominent one was, were produced with Webman.

In the year 2000 Team-Konzept decided to found a company, which focuses solely on selling the product Webman. Venture Capital was used to found this company, the Webman AG.

Due to the difficult economic situation in the "new economy" and the unbelievable amount of Content Management Systems on the market, the Webman AG had to quit in July 2002.

Open Source

But several people were still convinced, that the product Webman has a chance on the CMS Market. After the failure of the commercial approach, the Charite and the former CTO of Webman, Alexander Grosse, decided to make Webman Open Source. After clearing all legal barriers, the project started on Sourceforge in december 2002.



last modified 26/01/03