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Key Facts:

Webman is content centric CMS. The complete modelling of a website starts with modelling the content, not the pages. This process is called content engineering. After the content is set, one starts to define the publishing of the content. The result can be a webpage, but does not have to, because the content is 100% layout independent. Other used ouput formats are: PDF, CD-Roms, and so on...

After content and publishing are defined, webman generates the output, this means that, if e.g. you produce a webpage, Webman is not present on the online server, it produces html or other formats. It is no problem to integrate dynamic applications into the static html. Normally there is a work server, where the user manage the contents and a online server. For further information there will be a technical white paper soon...

Technical Facts

- written in Java
- uses relational database (Sybase, Oracle, PostGreSQL)
- needs servlet container, tomcat recommended


Technical Whiteaper



last modified 26/01/03